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Village East Cinema: Q&Asopening weekend - 

Friday 10/26 following the 1:05pm show with Adam Devine and David Hantman of the Prospect Park Track Club

Friday 10/26 following the 5:15pm show with Blake Dirkesen of NYAC

Friday 10/26 following the 7:20pm show with director Sanjay Rawal, producer Tanya Miellier, Kaneenika Janakova (3100 Women's World Record Holder), Dipali Cunningham (6 Day Race World Record Holder), Arpan de Angelo (3100 Run Finisher) and Philippa Godoy of Harlem Run

Saturday 10/27 following the 1:05pm show with Emily Marmelejos of the Boogie Down Bronx Team

Saturday 10/27 following the 3:10pm show with Wendy Winn (Physical Therapist to champs) and Jitu Rawat (New Jersey Runners)

Saturday 10/27 following the 5:15pm show with Becs Gentry (Peloton Master Run Coach) and Paolo Natali (NYAC)

Saturday 10/27 following the 7:20pm show with director Sanjay Rawal, Harita Davies (3100 Mile Race Finisher), Trishul Cherns (3100 Mile Race Finisher) and David Kilgore (Lost Boys Track Club)

Sunday 10/28 following the 1:05pm show with David Hantman (Prospect Park Track Club)

Sunday 10/28 following the 7:20pm show with director Sanjay Rawal and John Honerkamp (NYAC)


What would you do to transform your life? How far would you go for a metamorphosis? The most elusive, elite multi-day race in the world, the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, takes place in Queens, New York each summer. The Race promises personal expansion, and participants come from around the world to shatter their limitations and discover a deeper sense of self. We follow Aspirants of the Highest from three cultures whose own narratives parallel that of one 3100 Mile Runner. These three heroic Aspirants (Shaun Martin-Navajo, Gaolo-San Bushmen, Gyoman-san-Monks of Mt. Hiei Japan) run not for glory but for spiritual enlightenment, universal oneness or because they simply have the responsibility to run.

Directed By

Sanjay Rawal

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