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Village East Cinema: Q&As Friday 3/15 following the 7:00pm show with filmmaker and subject Miles Lagoze and subject Ian Pollock and the battalion’s Afghani interpreter, moderated by NY Times journalist Thomas Gibbons-Neff; and Saturday 3/16 following the 7:00pm show with filmmaker and subject Miles Lagoze and subject Ian Pollock


For years, Miles Lagoze served in Afghanistan as a Combat Camera, shooting footage and editing videos for Marine Corps recruiting purposes. In this devastating film, Lagoze assembles his own footage and that of his fellow combat cameramen into a never-before-seen look at the daily life of Marines from the ultimate insider's point of view. More than a mere compilation of violence, the edit ingeniously repurposes the original footage to reveal the intensity and paradoxes of war in an age of ubiquitous cameras, when all soldiers can record themselves with helmet-cams and cellphones. Combat Obscura revels in the chasm separating civilian from military life and questions the psychological toll war exacts on all that it touches.

Directed By

Miles Lagoze

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