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Village East Cinema: Q&A Friday 10/14 following the 7:15pm show with writer/director James Sadwith and actors Alex Wolff, Chris Cooper and Stefania LaVie Owen


Based on the Emmy Award-winning filmmaker’s own true story about his search for and encounters with JD Salinger (Academy Award winner Chris Cooper). 16-year-old Jamie Schwartz (Alex Wolff) wants desperately to be a worldly adolescent. Unhappy at his all-boys boarding school, his life raft is The Catcher in the Rye and his unshakable belief that he will play Holden Caulfield on Broadway and in the movies. He adapts the novel as a play and runs away to the mountains of New Hampshire to search for Salinger, the book’s reclusive author. Along the way Jamie is picked up by a local girl, DeeDee Gorlin (Stefania Owen). Their odyssey and the events that follow are a journey into the meanings of friendship, sex, love and loss.

Directed By

 James Steven Sadwith

Written By

James Steven Sadwith


Chris Cooper, Adrian Pasdar, Alex Wolff

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