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Village East Cinema: Q&As Friday 11/15 following the 7pm show with Tim Blake Nelson (actor, executive producer), Sabrina McCormick (writer, director, producer), Soopum Sohn (writer, director) and moderated by Garance Franke-Ruta (Executive Editor, GEN by Medium) // Saturday 11/16 following the 7pm show with Sabrina McCormick, Soopum Sohn, moderated by Eugenia Harvey (Executive Producer, PBS Peril & Promise) and co-sponsored by the NYC Bar Association International Environmental Law Committee // Thursday 11/21 following the 7pm show with Sabrina McCormick, Soopum Sohn, and moderated by David Biello


**Q&A with filmmakers on 11/15, 11/16, & 11/21 following the 7pm show time** Kamodjara and her father, Cristiano, are members of an indigenous tribe that resides on an Amazonian reservation. When they leave their reservation to protest a dam that will displace their people, Kamodjara is separated from her family and kidnapped by traffickers. Roberto, an indigenous agency bureaucrat overseeing a report that could change everything, is under pressure to support dam construction. Thomas, an American investor in the dam, makes his way to Brazil to sway Roberto’s opinion. SEQUESTRADA tells the story of how these three lives intertwine in front of a backdrop of geopolitics and environmental disaster.

Directed By

Sabrina McCormick, Soopum Sohn

Written By

Sabrina McCormick, Soopum Sohn


Kamodjara Xipaia, Tim Blake Nelson, Gretchen Mol

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