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Village East Cinema: Q&As Friday 10/13 and Saturday 10/14 following the 7:40pm shows, and Sunday 10/15 following the 5:30pm show with Directors Antonio Tibaldi and Alex Lora, and SINGLE ROOM OCCUPANCY directors Artemis Shaw and Alexander Lewis 

Village East Cinema: Each showtime includes bonus content -- SINGLE ROOM OCCUPANCY 2016 (12 minutes), Dir. Artemis Shaw and Alexander Lewis 

When the tide of gentrification reaches her Harlem single room occupancy building, a former Bond Girl documents her mission to save the neighborhood.


Orthodox Jewish aging twins Abraham and Shraga live a secluded existence in their inherited Brooklyn home. Since the death of their parents, they have stopped throwing away anything, and accumulated all sorts of items. Enraged by the situation, the upstairs tenant threatens to stop paying them rent unless they proceed with a radical cleaning of their apartment. The twins fighting to preserve their memories – but little by little the relationship with the head of the cleaning company begins to deepen. By painfully separating from most of their belongings, Abraham and Shraga might have a chance to recover their lost purity. 

Directed By

Antonio Tibaldi, Alex Lora

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